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Making a blog post and other stuff like that

Specifically, they make use of a byline and can only have a single, manually entered, author. They can be thought of more like "traditional" news media articles. Like guides you can create them in two ways:

Mixed signals?

Yes, we know that this actually should be a Guide instead of a blog post! However, in this weird case we think its better to use BlogPost so we can best illustrate the capabilities.


title: "Making A Blog Post: It's sort of like a guide but it's sort of not like a guide"
byline: Blog posts are free form articles that may or may not be techincal in nature. They differ slightly from guides primarily in their presentation and authorship.
blog: true

You must set the title!

Note that because of how the underlying components are layered and called you must set the title in the frontmatter. This will populate the h1 on the page. You can and should then omit the h1 in the markdown content itself.

You can check out the full markdown file that generated this page here. If you are interested in manually setting the authors, date and edit link then check out Making a Guide 2


You must at least specify a name!

  name: Mike Pirog
  location: Washington, DC


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