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John Ouellet

Making a guide 2

Guides are how tos or tutorials that fit somewhere in between technical documentation and blog posts. They generally seek to answer a single question such as "How do I create a guide using this theme?" and are heavy on code snippets. In this case there are actually two ways to create a guide:

  • Manually entering data
  • Autopopulating data from the git log

Manually entering data

To manually enter authorship, date and edit link information manually just add some combination of the below frontmatter to the top of your guide's markdown file.

Timestamp in ms

If you use Unix time it must be in ms!

  - Mike Pirog
  - name: John Ouellet
  text: Never gonna edit you up
date: 1613073690000

Note that Mike Pirog will be matched against existing contributors and its other data eg pic|link|etc will be merged in if its available.

If you are interested in automatically setting the authors, date and edit link then check out Making a Guide