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Before starting make sure you are familiar with the basics of VitePress theme installation.

To start using the theme you will want to create .vitepress/theme/index.mjs and .vitepress/config.mjs as below:


import {VPLTheme} from '@lando/vitepress-theme-default-plus';
export default VPLTheme;

If you want to extend our theme you should consult the official docs on how to best do that.


Import our defineConfig wrapper and pass in hte configuration you want.

import {defineConfig} from '@lando/vitepress-theme-default-plus/config';

export default defineConfig({
  title: 'VitePress Theme +',
  description: 'The VitePress default theme with some MOARPOWAH!',
  base: '/',
  lang: 'en-US',
  themeConfig: {